The Sweetest Soft-Toys – The Launch of Studio Bundis

Studio Bundis Soft Toy Collection

Every brand you find at BONORDIC is chosen very carefully and a lot of time, thought and love is poured into every decision. It is important that each brand you find in our shop is something that we truly love and think you will too.

I am very excited to share with you a new Swedish brand we have just launched in the shop; Studio Bundis. Clara, is the creative force behind the most adorable soft toys, which are all lovingly handmade step-by-step by Clara and her team.

‘Bundis’ means buddy or best friend in Swedish and Clara has designed a collection of doll-like soft toys that will delight any child. Each ‘bundis’, which is made from 100% GOTS certified cotton knit, is full of character. We’re introducing each member of the Studio Bundis family below.

I first came across Clara and her designs a little over a year ago and I knew immediately the Bundis Buddies would fit perfectly into the BONORDIC baby and kids universe. At the time, Clara was still making each item herself. Now, a year later, she has a little team of seamstresses helping her and has been able to expand enough to supply a handful of retailers throughout Europe. I am SO pleased to be one of the few UK stores to be stocking these cute little friends.

Clara Studio Bundis

“My aim starting to make Bundis dolls were to create organic soft toys for kids that where also aesthetically appealing to adults. I wanted to make high quality products made of organic fabrics that not only looks nice but are soft and very cuddle friendly” (Clara, Studio Bundis)

I have been waiting patiently for the these little guys to arrive. Let’s meet them:

Bunny Bundis

Studio Bundis Bunny

Lilla Lamb Bundis

Studio Bundis Lilla Lamb

Sixteen Bundis

Studio Bundis Sixten

Kitty Bundis

Studio Bundis Kitty

I really couldn’t think of a more unique present for a baby shower or a child’s birthday. A Studio Bundis friend will be a toy that you will not mind sitting in pride of place in the nursery or kids room for years to come. And each Bundis toy can be gently machine washed too!

If you are looking for more inspiration on gift ideas for newborns, we blogged a little about stylish gift buying for babies here.

All products shown in this post are available for pre-orders and will be sent out approximately mid-June 2018.

May x


How to Dress Kids for Autumn the Scandi-Way

Autumn has well and truly arrived and as we watch the leaves change colours and fall from the trees (such a lovely sight to behold), we’ll also be finding out the woolly jumpers, hats and scarves.
To make the most of this season it’s all about layering with clever breathable outerwear in true Scandinavian style.

MarMar Copenhagen’s technical kids thermo jackets are the perfect solution. Not only is the quality superb, the design is urban and a little edgy and they come in three great colours – dusty rose, navy and silver.
They can be worn on their own over jumpers or as an extra layer under coats and rainwear when the weather calls for it. Suitable right the way through to springtime, these thermos will be one of the most useful items in your kids wardrobe.


In Scandinavia parents and nurseries leave babies and toddlers to nap outside in their prams in all types of weather (also in the winter-months). As the popular saying goes; ‘There is no such as thing as bad weather, just bad clothing’. So to keep baby comfortable and snug while they kip in the colder months, for the Scandinavians layering is absolutely essential.

Merino wool is a very clever natural material that has moisture and temperature management properties and therefore adapts to the body’s temperature. The inherent breathability helps prevent overheating.

Our merino fleeces from Danish label Smallstuff are made from 100% organic merino wool. The all-in-one suits are perfect for when your little one is napping in their pram on colder days and depending on the weather you can layer accordingly with warm blankets or pram sleeping bags. These also work brilliantly as a base layer underneath a rainproof coat or a thermo jacket such as the MarMar ones shown above.



Keep them warm and snug from top to bottom with these warm fleece lined hats in lambswool and alpaca and merino wool booties.

All products shown in this post are available in our London shop and online at

Stylish Gift-Buying for Babies

Be it for a New baby, Christenings, birthdays, Christmas…  there is always another occasion around the corner when you will be buying presents for children of different ages.

It can be a little overwhelming – very few have the time to trawl the internet for hours trying to find something stylish and unique. It is often easy to give in and just get something loud and tacky from Amazon Prime. We’ve all done that!

However, you might want to buy something a bit special that isn’t widely available everywhere else.

Hooray, that’s where we can help! We don’ stock heaps and heaps of stuff – instead we have a small, handpicked selection of high quality products. We carefully curate each and every one of them and we only stock Nordic Brand and that we really love for their craftsmanship, attention to detail, playfulness and great design.

To inspire you, we’ll start off with a series of ‘gift buying made easy’ posts.  In this first edition, we are looking at present ideas for newborns. Over the following weeks we will cover ideas for toddlers and pre-schoolers too.


Buying for a newborn is something that most people enjoy but it can be hard to know what to get as everybody else is buying presents for the baby and the new parents too. Here are a few ideas to inspire you.

Not ‘just’ another babygro

You can never go wrong with buying clothes for a newborn. While babies actually don’t need a lot of clothes at first,they grow fast! So if the parents have already stocked the wardrobe to the roof with newborn clothes then buy a couple of sizes up, they will eventually grow into them. When you are a new parent it is better to know there are some nice things waiting in the drawer, than receiving clothes that never gets used because baby grows out of it too quickly.

Buy nice quality and you know it will last and look nice for longer and can be passed on to younger siblings or friends’ children too. If you want to add an extra touch, team with a lovely bonnet or a baby toy – et voila, you have the perfect gift for baby.


Organic Cotton Stripy Babygro

Serendipity Organic Cotton Babygro

Nursery decoration

Settling a baby for their nap or at bedtime can be a little easier if there is a nice tune or lullaby in the background. This beautiful peacock mobile plays ‘Lullaby’ when the cord is pulled. It also looks sweet in any nursery, is gender neutral and made from 100% organic cotton. It makes a wonderful gift, comes beautifully packaged and can be enjoyed for years to come.

Peacock Mobile

Camcam peacock music mobilePlaytime

At first, newborn babies are only able able to distinguish black and white colours. But soon they will also will be able to use their hands to grab hold of toys and explore their sense of touch. Tactile and visually appealing toys are ideal presents at this age. These fabric books have a botanical /animal theme and have crinkly paper inside. They have a monochrome print interspersed with subtle dusty green, grey and blush and they are reversible with print on both sides. They come in two different designs and can be used on the inside of the pram or cot to keep baby entertained on the go. They also work as a bumper to protect the little one’s head.

Sensory Fabric Book

Konges Sloejd Sensory Cotton Fabric book

Activity Ball

This little activity ball makes a great first toy for baby. It has a rattle bell inside and little loops than can be used to attach other toys or biting rings to make it more tactile. It is made from organic cotton AND it is machine washable. Win!

Activity Ball

OYOY LIving Sensory Activity Ball

Wooden Teether

Babies use their hands and their mouths to explore new textures and shapes. Your newborn baby will soon be able to grab on to small toys and within a few weeks  will try to have a little nibble on whatever they get their hands on. From age 4 months they might also start teething and will really want to chew on EVERYTHING, to relieve sore and itchy gums. Plastic teethers often contain a lot of chemicals and really should be avoided unless they are absolutely free from any nasties.  Wooden teethers is a great alternative as they are made from pure, organic maplewood from FSC-certified suppliers and is absolutely free of any chemicals. Elegant and durable they are designed especially to relieve a teething baby’s aching gums.

Wooden Teether Rattle-Ring

Wooden Toy RattleRing

I hope this has given you a little inspiration for next time you stand faced with the need to buy a new-born present. The series will continue soon with more inspiration and ideas.

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